Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mindful Lawyer conference--Tuesday night class for November 2d

I just returned from a Mindful Lawyer conference at the University of California's Boalt Hall law school in Berkeley.  This is a conference that has been years in the making under the leadership of Charles Halpern, founding dean of the CUNY law school.  Originally to host 150 lawyers, judges, and academics to consider how mindfulness practices--contemplation--can improve the lives of lawyers and the law, it swelled to 185 with about 50 in waiting.  A great event.  For me, it was one of the few times that as a lawyer and a Zen practitioner, and a human being, I felt completely at home in one place.  Usually, only one or two of me is embraced by any particular community.  It was a great chance to network with others of similar inclination.  Ground was laid for the possibility of putting together workshops on contemplative practice for lawyers taught by lawyers.  I suspect few of us knew how many other dharma teachers there are who are also lawyers.  I find the prospect exciting.  Given the power of the profession in our society, teaching lawyers to honor the whole person and that this actually enhances their ability to serve themselves, their clients, and society would be a great service.  I hope I have the opportunity to play a role.

Tonight we will be discussing "Buddha's Brain" in our group.  Bring your questions, and your insights.

And please, vote before you come.  Before you vote, remember that each day we awake with two parts of ourselves available -- as Rick Hansen wrote, the Wolf of Love and the Wolf of Hate.  We have a choice which one we will feed, which one will grow stronger that day.  Feed the Wolf of Love before you vote.  The Wolf of Hate is getting plenty to eat these days.

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