Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New book chosen to read, and no meeting on January 25th.

Tonight we discussed Andrew Olendzki's Unlimiting Mind--The Radically Experiential Psychology of Buddhism.  The group consensus was it is a good treatment of the essential teachings of the Buddha from the earliest sources, couched in thoroughly modern phenomenological and psychological terminology with no mythical or mystical elements and no sectarian kant.  The treatments of karma and of the mechanism by which craving gives rise to the self were highlighted, as well as the manner in which the book brings the teachings into every day life.  One person noted that because the book is a collection of essays, it can be picked up and read in increments without losing any of its impact.  I think it is refreshing in its presentation of the earliest teachings without any of the anachronistic elements that might put off a modern or post-moder reader.  Overall, highly recommended.

We selected a new book to read.  Steven Hagen's Meditation: Now or Never.  We will discuss this on February 15th.  (The projected date for our soft opening of the new City Center.  Keep your fingers crossed.)

Finally, because I am attending the Kanzeon Sangha gathering in Ameland, Netherlands next week, we will not meet again until February 1st.  I will be jet-lagged, but present.



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