Monday, April 18, 2011

Tuesday night class--change of Trungpa book to "Myth of Freedom"


Those of you who are planning on reading the Chogam Trungpa book for the mid-May discussion should switch from "Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism" to Trungpa's earlier book, "The Myth of Fredom".  I apologize for the change, but after discussion with several veteran Vajriyana practitioners, I have concluded that "The Myth of Freedom" is a better choice.  It is directed at the fundamental practice of meditation--a common ground of Vajriyana and Zen practice, and it was the assigned foundational book at Naropa Institute during Trungpa's life. 

To compensate for changing the book, and for my being in Israel the week of May 2d and returning on May 9th, we'll push back the book discussion to May 17th. 

I look forward to seeing you, and discussing this book.



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