Saturday, August 13, 2011

What should the City Center program look like? How can it serve your needs?


I attended the Buddhist Geeks conference with Diane (Musho Sensei) over the last weekend in July.  It made a big impression on me.  I came away thinking that those of us who want to make practice and the Dharma relevant to the average lay person need to ask how we can make it more available, more user-friendly to both younger and older, more available both on a personal level and through cyberspace, all without draining it of its vitality. To me, one step is to make the sangha and both its governance and operation more closely mirror our democratic values.  Another is making the practice and teaching more responsive to busy lay people and more accessible through their varying modes of learning and discourse.  (See my blog posts on this general subject at, particularly the post-Ameland set of posts.)  For me, the first step is to ask you what you want from the teacher, the sangha, and the practice center, including our web presence.  How can we make it work better you? 

The City Center has been open for five months now. We are developing a nice community.  Enough of you have visited, either in person or on line, that it seems time to reach out and ask you what you would like to see develop there.  How can the City Center serve you on your personal path? 

I have asked Bill Tokujen Marchand to invite discussion among all of you on this topic.  Please keep watch on Facebook, on my blog on The Boulder Mountain Zendo website, and in your email box.  You will be hearing more shortly. 

Thanks for your support and interest.

Michael Mugaku Zimmerman


  1. Hi all -

    In response to Mugaku's request, I will be scheduling several focus groups in the near future. I will also collect any comments posted here or on Facebook. We may also do a more formal web-based survey as well. Finally, feel free to e-mail feedback to me directly ( I will gather all of your ideas and suggestions and pass them on to Mugaku.

    Thanks and stay tuned,


  2. And be assured that this will continue to be a collaborative process.

  3. The focus groups will be:

    Sunday, September 11th 6 to 7 PM (after class)

    Tuesday, September 13th 6:30 to 7:30 PM (before class)

    Both focus groups will meet at the City Center Zendo.

    I hope to see you there!